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Making cocktails was never so easy, simple and fast. With just one click on the touchscreen of MixoBar, within few seconds you can enjoy the different cocktail flavors made by MixoBar.

MixoBar always allows you to enjoy the same taste of your favorite cocktail.

There's no need looking for people who know how to mix cocktails or to learn cocktail recipes, now MixoBar does it all for you.

20 cocktail recipes with a "Light" or "Strong" version, stored in the memory of MixoBar with the ability to change, plus an additional 16 "staple alcohol"

MixoBar always allows for precise dosing, which saves you from unwanted random or
deliberate overdosing.

For example:

     With overdosing of only 5ml more on each drink,
     You lose 3 drinks less in every bottle of alcohol.

MixoBar software have administrator back panel for monitoring of:
- Ingredients level at any time
- Number of sold cocktails
- Purchase and selling price

High precision    |    Great speed    |    Simple Design    |    Affordable Price
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